Who needs a bicycle fitting?

Everyone who rides a bike should get a bike fit! Whether you are a recreational rider or a serious racer, your bicycle must fit. Just like your cycling shoes and shorts, your bike must fit properly in order for you to be comfortable, perform well and prevent injuries. Set up properly, every cyclist will have a better experience.

Why do we teach bike fitting?

Because we want every cyclist to enjoy cycling! Many people have fallen head over heels in love with cycling without the benefit of equipment that fits properly or instruction in the basic skills of cycling. Cycling involves a unique interaction of rider and equipment and the bike should feel like an extension of the body. Because cycling is a learned skill, an individual may not choose the best position or technique, just like they might not naturally grip and swing a golf club properly.

What is the perfect fit?

The perfect fit is comfortable. It facilitates efficiency of movement and the ability to generate power and speed. It allows you to easily breathe and deliver oxygen to your muscles. In the proper position on the right bike, you can effectively balance, stabilize and easily handle the bike. The body and bike become one. Every cyclist deserves to be comfortable on their bike - and a bike fit can help make that happen.

How is the perfect fit achieved?

Most systems designed to position individuals on bikes apply static body measurements to a formula or computer software to come up with an "ideal position." This position is typically based on averages; not unlike "ideal body weights" published by insurance firms. At SICI, we teach a method of fitting that treats every cyclist as unique. You will bring your own "personal blueprint" to the bike determined by your unique history: lifestyle, goals, fitness level, body type, flexibility, range of motion, riding experience, past injuries, surgeries and current physical concerns. SICI certified bike fit professionals will work with you to achieve a position that allows you to meet your goals, while taking into consideration your abilities and limitations.

The SICI fitting process begins with an extensive interview and then progresses to measurements, a physical assessment and dynamic, on-bike positioning on a fully adjustable Serotta Size Cycle or your personal bike. The on-bike positioning begins with the feet and travels up the body to the hands. We apply principles of physiology and biomechanics to your unique blueprint to tailor a position just for you.

Where can you get the perfect fit?

Look for SICI certified bike fit professionals in your area or search our directory. We train over 200 individuals each year, so there is likely to be someone in your area who has the training and expertise to make sure you get the most from your cycling experience!

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