Next Generation SICI Size Cycle

The SICI/Purely Custom Next Generation Size Cycle is here!
If you didn't get a chance to see it/feel it/touch it at Interbike, here's the quick tour:

Equipped with Computrainer (included)
Equipped with a notebook computer loaded with Computrainer and SICI fit translation software
Eye level attached computer stand which swivels and can extend to accommodate aerobars
Nearly all adjustments can be made safely with client on the bike - dramatically increasing efficiency
One-bolt clamps for saddle and handlebars for quick set-up and changes
Step through design for easier mounting, dismounting
Purely Custom adjustable cranks (155-185mm) (included)
Rechargeable battery operated screw driver included for quick vertical adjustments of saddle height and bar height

$10,900 plus shipping- assembly manual included


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Next Generation X/Y Tool!

The SICI X/Y tool is the Bike Fit Professional's standard for documenting rider position on an existing bicycle or sizing bicycle by describing the position of the handlebars and saddle relative to the bottom bracket. X/Y is an essential tool for:

Fit Professionals
Retailers: Post-fitting, a powerful visual representation of suitability of bikes on the showroom floor
Mechanics: insure accuracy of builds and alterations
Cycling teams: easily and accurately duplicate rider position bike to bike
Bicycle tour companies: easily and accurately apply rider position to rental bikes
Consumers: easily apply ideal fit position on multiple bikes

The next generation X/Y tool is completely updated to provide enhanced functionality and some completely new features.

XY Tool Features:

Accurately measures handlebar X/Y coordinates relative to the bottom bracket
Accurately measures center of saddle rail position relative to the bottom bracket
Accurately measures stack and reach (X/Y Coordinate of center of top of headtube relative to the bottom bracket - Stack=Y coordinate, Reach =X coordinate)

X/Y Tool next generation NEW/ENHANCED features:

X/Y Tool is redesigned for non drive side usage
Increased accuracy - most cranks have no drive side opening
No drivetrain obstructions
Measurements are performed on "clean" side of the bike
Stack and reach compatible
Accurately measure stack and reach on existing frames/bicycles
Compare published manufacturer stack and reach dimensions to existing frames/bicycles
Multiple crank interface pins
Specific crank interface pin for Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, FSA, Truvativ and Bontrager. Compatible with most previous generations and iterations of widely available cranks.

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SICI Brannock Device

The Brannock device is a fit studio essential used to determine appropriate footwear for your clients. It accurately measures foot length, arch length, and foot width. Purchase now

SICI Goniometer

This goniometer is the tool of choice for professional bike fitters as well as medical professionals when performing physical assessments of flexibility, range of motion and measuring joint angles. The telescoping rods point accurately to body landmarks.

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SICI Seat Level Tool

Affectionately known as the "panini press," this tool is weighty enough to stay put when checking saddle level. No more balancing a digital level atop your clipboard! The digital level pulls off to capture handlebar and seat tube angles.

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SICI Plumb Bob

This elegant plumb bob quite possibly belongs in a museum of modern art. It is made of aluminum, then anodized. A brass pointer was added to give it substantial weight for accuracy and stillness. The cord winds neatly around the center for storage.

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Yoyo Plumb Bob

For fitters who want to use an accurate tool, but also inject a little fun into the fitting process- a plumb bob that doubles as a mini-yoyo. It can also amuse unruly children (or fitters) for hours.

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SICI Clipboard

This carbon fiber clipboard is lightweight and attractive. It is engraved with the SICI and Purely Custom logos and is a must-have accessory in a professional fitting studio.

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